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Hamptons Power Washing

If you live in the Hamptons and you are in need of power washing for your Hamptons home, get in touch with New Look Exteriors. We are a professional business that offers numerous service including power washing, painting and home restoration services to customers throughout the Hamptons.  We have over forty years of experience in Hamptons power washing, cedar restoration and painting homes all over the east end of Long Island.

At New Look Exteriors, we are considered the experts in Hamptons power washing. We are a licensed and insured Hampton power washing business and we can take care of all of your power washing and cedar restoration needs.  We are proud to offer expert Hamptons power washing services to all of our customers in the Hamptons and the surrounding areas.

Hamptons Power WashingIf you are considering Hamptons power washing services for your home or business, we can come to your location and evaluate the work that needs to be done.  We will review all aspects of the job with our Hamptons customers. Our Hamptons power washing service is different than others because we always use heated water to clean the surfaces of your home. Heated water is much more effective than cold water.


At New Look Exteriors we have the most experienced Hamptons power washing crews that will get the job done right.  Our technicians always make sure to use the correct chemicals and the right amount of pressure to ensure that they do not cause any damage to your Hamptons home. In addition, our Hamptons power washing service is always performed with a soft low pressure method when spraying your house.  While this technique may take more time, it is more effective and less damaging than using high pressure.

Hampton Power WashingOur Hamptons power washing technicians are experienced and extremely skilled at what they do. Our technicians are trained to use the correct pressure and the best materials to avoid damage to siding, decks, patios, lawn and any plants at your Hamptons home. You can be sure that the Hamptons power washing services that we provide will always result in an exterior that looks like new again!

If you are interested in a Hamptons power washing service, it will not only clean the exterior surface of your home, it can eliminate mold and mildew and improve your property value.  If you see black stains on the siding of your Hamptons home, it is most likely mold. Any surface or material that accumulates moisture will often grow mold over time.  However, with a Hamptons power washing, the mold can be removed with low pressure and the right chemicals.  Your Hamptons home will be restored to its original beauty. A thorough power washing service can help to clean the siding on homes, fences, gutters, patios and masonry, driveways and more.

At New Look Exteriors, we offer the highest quality and the most competitive rates for all our Hamptons power washing services.  Compared to other Hamptons power washing companies, our prices are always the most reasonable and our service is impeccable.  Our professional Hamptons power washing services are offered at the best prices for the highest quality.

We know that we can make your Hamptons home look like new again!  Call New Look Exteriors today for any power washing, painting or cedar restoration services for your Hamptons home.  Call us at 631-242-1534.